Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Updates continue....

Tatiana's updates will continue.

We start with this lovely video of Tanya.

Follow the link below for a 30 sec preview!


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gone for too long.

Sorry for the long delay.

The only thing I can tell you is that I have had "computer problems" and thank GOD for back up hard drives.  The rest "classified".

But... in few days... updates will resume.  More Tanya, More Karisha, More Veta, more new models.

I'm getting into Polaroids.

Soon you will be able to order one of kind pieces of art from some of your favorite models.   An artistic show piece you can be proud of and hold in your hand.  I just bought a Polaroid Conversion camera that has some very cool features not available to the common Polaroid Land Camera.   I am very excited about this.

I'll be flying back to the Ukraine soon.  Some of you have expressed an interest in helping the models in the Ukraine.  Great!  Their economy can use all the help we can muster.

Experience has taught me that disclosing the who, when, and where is a bad idea.  So that's about all I can say about the trip at this time.

Updates for photos and videos should resume in about one week.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Help the Ukraine, my next trip...

A couple of you have contacted me asking about the welfare of the models.  To my knowledge daily life is about the same.  Just now, full of worry.

The Ukraine economy is hurting.  Their currency is in very bad shape.  Today it was $.10 on the US Dollar. The country has some staggering debt with no way to pay it, and they are running out of foreign currency.

There are some good indicators.  Bad for us, but good in the short term for Ukraine... the cost of grain is going up.  Also, Russia is taking a beating in the markets.  Losing Billions just today.

I am planning my next trip to the Ukraine as we speak.  (Which my family is not thrilled about...)
But after speaking to some expats in Ukraine, my friends in Ukraine and a few models... it is worth it.

If any of you want to help, contact me.  Any contribution you make will be spent 100% into the Ukraine economy.  And I can probably even see if close to 100% of it goes into a model's pocket.

If you want to help the Ukraine economy in a small way, contact me.  bencook2 (-at-) g m a i l .com

We will work out an individual plan for you to put some money, no matter how small, into Ukraine's economy.  Where possible I will provide receipts and proof of payment to you.

Yes... this will also help me.  The costs of these trips is very significant.  But I am going anyway... so.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Veta Video.

It's not very long so I dropped the price for this video to just $5.00.

It's still Violetta.. It's still sexy.


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