Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A muse... Phoebe.

I first worked with Phoebe a couple of years ago. I flew to Arizona and set up shop at the Crown Plaza (if memory serves...). My expectations were minimal. Phoebe had done a considerable amount of shooting prior to our meeting. Much more than most young models. That is what attracted me to her. That's what let me risk a large amount of money on a young model, something I don't do likely. Young models are notorious for "flaking".

Phoebe and her mom arrived and we discussed the shoot. Phoebe had ideas and concepts immediately. Most young models just sit there. Staring at you. Letting mom do the talking. I don't trust those moms. The ones that don't give the models a chance to interject. I have curtailed many-a-shoot early because a "bad vibe".

What I got from Phoebe and her mom was the opposite. I got an artistic vibe.

The first shoot went great. In the down time Phoebe entertained me with jokes and stories about school.

More than a year later the planets aligned and we worked together again. This time I flew them to the Atlanta area. Another successful shoot. Phoebe was older. And so was her craft. She moved flawlessly from pose to pose. She needed little from me.

And of course in between shots and sets she again entertained me with stories from home and her signature off color jokes.

Phoebe definitely falls into the "muse" category. I often find myself creating shoots in my head with her in it. I look forward to working with her again. She truly is a "photographers model".

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