Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Homeless! Damn You SmugMug.

As of tomorrow my http://femalebeauty.smugmug.com page will be no more. SmugMug is kicking me out. They don't like my work apparently and definitely don't like the fact that I don't appreciate them holding onto my money for 30 days. I complained about the 30 days, then complained some more when I was given a "canned" response to my questions. And was summarily given the boot by the head-honcho for having the huevos to ask a few tough questions they didn't have a good answer for. Oh well. Plans have been in the works for months prior to this smugmug fiasco to have a more permanent web site. I expect to give you an announcement in about 45-60 days regarding where I will be. This new home will be my final destination. Who knew selling art would be so worrisome?

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