Monday, October 24, 2011

Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

My work is a journey... with minimal parts light, texture and subject. Unadorned. Without flash and hyperbole.

Not to demean the works of others but beauty, true beauty, needs little else. Some light, a touch of shadow and a subject's bodily expression. I am too easily lost in the adornments of glamour with its bright lights and cumbersome motifs. This is why I prefer to work with the light that is available. With whatever model and whatever wardrobe... a drape, a hand or maybe only a dropping shoulder that shifts out of light into shadow.

On My Subjects

The female form represents humanity's aspirations and desires at a level of wanting and need that is far beyond just sexuality. The taste and smell and texture of femininity by definition must be powerful as it is the key to continued life. By finding this femininity I capture these aspirations momentarily. Depicting in a small way God’s design. A design so powerful and successful that a few brushes of light against an engaging texture is all that is needed to display the august nature of the fairer sex.

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