Saturday, October 8, 2011

A few notes on all of my work...

Just as a heads up...

I'm working on a new website now. It is perhaps 30-60 days away. All of my work will be there for purchase. There will also be opportunities to support my work in a general way. Those that do that, those that support my art, will have first look and exclusive access to parts of my work. Some of you already have. My work in Odessa is partly due to a few donors that helped... "up front" rather than just buying a finished product.

This investment in my work is not just money but an act of faith that I very much appreciate.

Finally... How to view my work. My photos generally are meant to be seen digitally via a bright screen with little or no ambient light on the screen. Otherwise the image will look DARK. If you purchase prints the images are meant to have light shown directly on them. A "spot" needs to be far enough away to encompass the entire print. Generally a flood type light will keep "hot spots" off your print. A defused flood will work best.

During the day light from a window is generally preferred.

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