Sunday, October 9, 2011

There are no words...

There are just are no words that can adequately describe how beautiful Taisia is. She is every bit as lovely in person as she is in pictures.

I also worked with Mika today. Mika is a vision. So easy to work with and I'm sure a few of the photos we produced will def be favorites for everyone.

A heart felt thanks first to Dasha the make-up artist and local "fixer" she helped put this together. As well the models Karisha, Taisia and Mika. Also to the Odessa Group LLC who was help beyond mere accommodations and not least to my fans and patrons. Your support is the real reason I was able to take this trip.

I'm sort of going between editing photos and packing, editing more photos and packing. I don't want this experience to end. And via these photos it never will. But right now I have a tremendous mental hangover. Almost like greaving. I worked on this trip for over three years. It's not like these models had agencies or even spoke English. Hours of tracking down rumors and leads! Not to mention the poorly translated messages via Google Translate that I hoped got you point across... and didn't put off the reader. As well wondering if my life at home would participate (which it barely did). In short I am at the end of a three year journey. One that ended in near perfect success.

YOU..? well you are at the beginning. I will post a precious hand full of photos here to see. The rest will go up on my website. A website that I hope is ready before December.

If you want to experience all of the photos you will have to participate at all levels of patronage. I'll try to keep it reasonable. I'm a fan too... and money is tight for all of us. But trips to Odessa ain't free..

And we are already working on TRIP 2. Perhaps returning to Odessa in the late Spring or Early summer. That is high season here. Accommodations will be at a premium... but I want to photograph these models in the water.

Every model has tentatively agreed to work with me again. We will see.

Keep eye open for more posts with photos over the days and weeks to come. As well as an announcement about the website so you can get your hands on finished prints worthy of proud display.

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