Monday, May 7, 2012

Never Fly LOT airlines... and meeting a NEW model.

We will start with the new model. Tatyana is from Russia. A fan of my work turned me on to her. And... I am ever so grateful he did. The work we have produced so far has been amazing. Some of my best. Tatyana requires little direction. She is full of personality. And cute as can be. Very petite. I also worked with Natasha for the first time. Natasha and Mika (who you will remember) posed together for some amazingly HOT photos. And Mika... what can i say about Mika other than she is one of the best models I have ever worked with. I get more quality photos from her than any model in a long long time.
NOW... on to Polish Airlines... The plane arrived at the gate two hours before the flight. 20 mins before boarding they tell us there is a maintenance issue that will delay us an hour. We board an hour and 20 mins later. We taxi for 25 mins at JFK and then are parked for 3+ hours. My attempts to shave an hour or two off of my first flight over the pond ended up adding an hour compared to my last trip to the Ukraine via Istanbul. When we get to Warsaw Poland I have of course missed my flight into Odessa. The ticket agents LOT (polish air) sent to assist us with our missed connections were under prepared and over whelmed. Yelling and screaming of course broke out several times. The airline puts me up in Warsaw for a night. (I had planed to stay a night anyway on my way back home...) The next morning my flight to Odessa is delayed 45 mins while we wait for OTHER late flights to land so their customers can board our plane to Odessa. A nightmare. I was 27 hours late to Odessa. Just like last time I got off the plane and almost immediately started shooting. I hate that. I need some time to decompress!

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