Thursday, September 27, 2012

A word on Resolution... (the pixel kind)

The amount of detail I show in my eBooks is not a randomly arrived at conclusion.

I have had a few complaints.  Out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of downloads some fans have called into question the "size" of the photos.

I pick a size that generally will accomplish three things.  1. Fit the screen of the average computer.  2. Be a manageable size in terms of dealing with over 100 photos at a time.  3.  Is manageable in terms of a download.

As you will see the photo fits the screen.  I am usually around 650 to 700 on the longest side.

Some of you want resolution that will let you check for ticks!  Zoom in on a freckle.

That's not the intent of my work.  I don't take a photo for you to zoom in to the pixel.  I take it for you to see the whole photo.

But as many of you already know I take customer service VERY seriously.  If you want large resolution pictures.  I want to provide them for you.

But it will cost you more.

I feel the size photo for the price I charge is fair.

If you want larger photos you can contact me many ways.  I will do all I can to help you.  But... it is important for you to know that I think the size I provide for the money I charge IS the proper balance.

Thank you so much for supporting my art.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vol 3 Available! Artist's Favorites, Taisia, and MORE

This volume has some of my favorite photos.  It also has the most beautiful model in the world... well one of the most beautiful... Taisia Kharlamova.  And many more models.

Make payments with Google- Download with PayLoadz

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Need YOUR HELP... Free Stuff

The first fan to give me a solution that works gets the next 4 eBooks for free!

Vol III is ready.

I need a digital content download solution like e-junkie or payloadz that doesn't involve me having to do anything with PayPal.  NO PayPal.

You find me a way to upload the content and sell it to my patrons without the use of either PayPal or having my own merchant account and you get the next 4 eBooks for free.

Contact me via the website.