Thursday, September 27, 2012

A word on Resolution... (the pixel kind)

The amount of detail I show in my eBooks is not a randomly arrived at conclusion.

I have had a few complaints.  Out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of downloads some fans have called into question the "size" of the photos.

I pick a size that generally will accomplish three things.  1. Fit the screen of the average computer.  2. Be a manageable size in terms of dealing with over 100 photos at a time.  3.  Is manageable in terms of a download.

As you will see the photo fits the screen.  I am usually around 650 to 700 on the longest side.

Some of you want resolution that will let you check for ticks!  Zoom in on a freckle.

That's not the intent of my work.  I don't take a photo for you to zoom in to the pixel.  I take it for you to see the whole photo.

But as many of you already know I take customer service VERY seriously.  If you want large resolution pictures.  I want to provide them for you.

But it will cost you more.

I feel the size photo for the price I charge is fair.

If you want larger photos you can contact me many ways.  I will do all I can to help you.  But... it is important for you to know that I think the size I provide for the money I charge IS the proper balance.

Thank you so much for supporting my art.


  1. I would agree with the people that complained. It's not about zooming on a freckle. It's about getting what is paid for.

    You say it's about 700 on the longest side and this "fits" the screen?! What are you working on?! a 15 inch screen? A pic that is at max 700px is a joke. We expected this kind of resolution 5 years ago perhaps. But come on, the cheapest of digital camera takes pics at 5 times this resolution, easily.

    Most screen are now either 1920x1080 or in my case, 2560x1600. That resolution you describe is a quarter screen.

    You come off as ridiculous when calling yourself a photographer and then arguing that lores pics are "good enough"

  2. If you don't like my work you don't have to buy it. But your supposition about resolution is bunk. You are the anomalous factor not my work.

    As previously explained this size of the photo was not arrived at accidentally.

    Considering a screen resolution of 768 having the longest side of the photo be approx 700px allows the customer to view the entire photo without the degradation of "fit screen".

    It is my wish that my work be viewed as an entire image and not encompass the use of the scroll bar.

    If I were to tailor my resolution to your situation the majority of my customers would have to endure the scroll bar to see the image as presented or have to endure the scaling and distortion of "fit screen" image viewing programs.

    Marketing theory suggests that for every customer that takes the time to complain about your product/service there are likely 20 more that feel the same but do not speak up. I have had to date 4 complaints including yours. That means that roughly 80 of my customers are not happy. That represents less than .9% of my new eBook customers and MUCH MUCH less of my over all customers. These figures, my research, the article posted all back up my decision to have the resolution at 700 on the longest side. It is far from ridiculous.

    If there are any photos (2 or 3) that you would like to have full size I'll be glad to give you those images free of charge at full, as shot/as edited, resolution assuming you have already purchased the eBook.

    I try very hard to make my customers happy. I can't make them all happy... but I would like to try.

    1. You are selling pictures, based on the minimum screen size people "might" have?!

      You aren't building websites here, you are selling pictures. Obviously people can ZOOM OUT of pictures to see the whole thing. You have to know this, right?!

      So you find it okay that people with better screens have to have to zoom in the pictures, which means blurry quality (as the resolution is too low) so that people with smaller screen don't have to zoom out... which would in no way affect them, as the quality would be excellent either way?! OK, gotcha...

  3. I've entertained your condescending attitude all that I am going to. I appreciate your purchase and I don't mind your opinion or the feedback. Noted. But your purchase doesn't entitle you to be a dick.

    I've tried to explain it to you. You refuse to listen. Perhaps another photographer will be to your liking.

    Good day.

  4. Je voulais vous acheter une série de photo, mais si la résolution est ridicule, c'est pas la peine. Nos écrans sont toujours de meilleurs qualités, je ne veux pas de la basse résolution en payant ! (vraiment dommage, c'est quand même pas difficile).

    C'est pas normal de proposer une résolution si basse, je ne comprend pas comment vous réfléchissez.

    I wanted to buy a series of pictures, but if the resolution is ridiculous, it is not worth it. Our screens are always better qualities, I do not want to pay the low resolution! (shame, it is still not difficult).

    It is not normal to propose a resolution so low, I do not understand how you think.