Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anya! TeenMarvel

I'm a big fan of Anya.

You can see more of her at TeenMarvel.com .

I hope they have more of her very soon.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not a game.

This isn't a hobby.

It's my career.  My life.

I've collected 43 pages of messages and other information that show that I was manipulated and lied to.

These are in "their" own words.

I'm considering the best way to approach this.  Until then...

New Violetta! Just Wow!

I keep using the word "perfect"... but that's all that comes to mind!

You can support "the cause" and find more photos at THIS LINK

And follow my blog on Tumblr.  TAOofBEN.tumblr.com 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Take a deep breath...

My first 500 words about this mess were out of anger.

Now...  I've erased all of that.  My next words are out of disappointment and sorrow.

My name is being slandered by the webmaster/admin at Karishamodel.com .   He doesn't call me by name.  But any fan of hers knows exactly who he is slandering.

He calls me a stalker.  Makes silly accusations about how I conducted my business with Karina.  Lies about having a lawyer who is "looking into" my business with Karina.

I know he is lying because I know the law.  And... I know lawyers.  But mostly I know he is lying because there is no cause for a lawyer. (Though I may have cause for one NOW!)

KarishaModel.com launched on December 15.  The index's were open.  Links were broken and they did not employ a secure server to protect their images.

This is webmaster 101 stuff.  Basically for two days anyone could download every photo for free.

Karisha was forced by her contract with "The Admin" not to speak to me.  Why?  Because I had the audacity to forgive her for her unprofessional behavior, offer to give her everything she asks in return for the opportunity to sit down work out our problems and miscommunications.  In other words I was his competition. A threat.  I had to be disposed of.

Karisha was forced to lock me out of her VK page.  But, she and I still have two means of communication.
As soon as I was alerted by a fan that Karisha's website was giving away her work for free because of the index and unsecure website... I contacted her.  Within minutes.  What's more... I contacted others who might contact her for me via VK.  I will provide links, screenshots and proof to all of this later.  I didn't contact her to harass or stalk her.  I contacted her to say... "you are giving away your hard work for FREE!"

The Admin is seriously threatened by me.  He has appointed himself "White Knight" over Karisha.  According to him, with the blessing of her mother.

I have proof that Karina's mother was involved in every aspect of the work Karisha and I produced.

I have proof that I tried on many, many occasions to remedy any misunderstanding.

I have proof that Karisha contacted me, asked for a final lump sum payment in lieu of any future financial consideration.  (That I paid.)

I have proof that I gave Karisha and her mother everything they ever asked for.

I have proof that Karisha and her mother delayed the website unprofessionally and then demanded I pay them before the website was even launched.

... and most damning...  I have proof that her new website was well under construction and planning while Karisha and her mother negotiated with me in "bad faith" about the website I spent thousands of dollars creating for her.  (aka... they lied to me.)

Until now I have not said anything specific or publicly about this situation.  And... I never would have.  Despite Karisha's behavior I know that her attitudes and actions are directed behind the scenes.  I'm sure she will grow up eventually.  And, likely see the error of her ways.

I'm an old softy.  And... and I am way too nice.

Well... "nice" has a limit.  And that limit is when my reputation that I spent 15+ years building is attacked.

I'm not going to just use words like the Admin at KarishaModels is using.  I'm going to show you actual proof.  They have forced my hand.  In the coming days I will provide the messages that show all of this.

Attached you will see a screen capture of Karisha's webpage.  You will see the lies.  And... if you can be honest with yourself... you can also see the desperation in what the admin, who orchestrates this mess, writes to cover his own ass.

I take NO pleasure in this.  Stay tuned for the truth.  A truth that you don't have to trust anyone to believe.  A truth you can see with your own eyes.

Finally... I have a message to Andy.  If what you say is true.  If I did not have the permission and participation of Karisha's mom... assuming you are 100% right. (the proof is otherwise)
What does this say about Karisha as a person?  It says she lied to me.  It says she negotiated in bad faith.  It says she created an elaborate fiction, including fake phone calls on her mobile.  It says she endangered the careers of myself, another model and a make up artist in Odessa when we last worked.  It says she is not to be trusted.

Now... none of this is true. Karisha's mom was fully aware.  But Andy... this is what you are willing to trade... Karisha's reputation in exchange for you being the White Knight.  You need to quietly go away.
Because if you don't... the email you sent to my payment processors trying to ruin my name and credit might find its way to MY lawyer along with all your attempts to do harm to me.  Because I am the one with the proof and truth on my side. (Send THAT to you "lawyer".)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Updates for Veta and Karisha on Tumblr

You can find updates on my Tumblr page for Veta and Karisha.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving On...

Command decision!  Quick Change!

With just a few exceptions my entire catalog will be available in fun and interactive fashion at:


You will be able to see/buy photos and videos of:

Tatiana Georgieva

Karisha Terebun


As well as your old favorites like:

Naomi Marie

Brittany Marie Guzik

Valerie Guzik (Sherri Chanel)

And many new models!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

... my heart on my sleeve.

I've learned not to make things public.  It gets twisted and used against me.  Assumptions are made and lies are told.

I'm making an exception to gain some closure.

Things did not go well with Karisha and I.  It started with misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Then people's feelings got hurt.

I tried on several occasions to patch it up.  Those details will remain private.

This video is my artistic expression of the pain and disappointment I feel.  I feel powerless to do anything.
Karisha has moved on.  This is my way of moving on.

The music is by A Great Big World.  The song is "Say Something".

The majority of the footage was shot in August of 2013.  It was a great trip.  Everyone parted company with excitement and kisses.
The last video clip is from our first shoot together 3 years ago.  The footage was not good enough to use in anything else I've done because it is too dark.  But... it has proven perfect and predictive for this lament.  It shows an innocent 14 year old Karina Terebun fumbling with her wardrobe, then moving to closed off pose.  It's a perfect and heart wrenching ending.

Finally... I give you the whole song.  The darkness in between the footage and messages is timed to allow the song to speak.  They lyrics of this song are sage.  And... I end with the "ellipsis". The Greek translation for the Ellipsis is "falling short".  And can also signify an unfinished thought.  I fell short with Karisha.  I'm devastated we are no longer friends and business partners.  But I am equally hurt that I will not be creating anything with her.  I hope that this story is not finished.  I hope...

Say Something Karisha from Benjamin Cook on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Karina DashaModels.com

Do you love Karina?

I knew ya'did!

Our first promo for DashaModels.com .  Karina Terebun.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


When you were here before...

... I couldn't look you in the eye.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Irina... Ukrainian Beauty!

This young model is my new favorite.  I hope to work with her again.  We got some great photos last time I was in Odessa.

There are 116 photos in this set.  I'm sure you will love it.


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Flights and accommodations are all booked for this summers shoot with Tatiana.

I'm looking for maybe ONE other model to work with.

But the priority is Tatiana.  We have some amazing things planed.  I can't wait to show you this summer.

Last year!  That hill tried to kill me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are excited! Are you excited?

It has been quite a pleasure working with Tatiana.  She is very serious about her work.  When I ask for something she gives more than I asked for.

In a few short weeks www.tatianageorgieva.com will be live.  We can't wait!!!

The last bit of coding is being done.  Photo sets are being zipped and organized and plans made to expand.

The website will "soft open" at first.  Kind of like a "BETA".  This will last until July.

After July the site will be 100% live with updates of some kind every week.

Here is another sneak peak into what you will be getting.  Please distribute these videos far and wide.  Let's get as much interest going as possible.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ready for your purchase.

I've got sets 13-17 available. As well as the Tatiana "Special Sets" download. It will likely be two more days before all the switch over is done. So there could be a few bugs.

 Contact me if your purchase doesn't go smoothly. Here is what is available now at THIS LINK

Sunday, April 7, 2013

With the good comes the bad.


EDIT:  I will no longer be working with payloadz.  An alternative has already been found.  Stay tuned.

I have NO idea why payloadz has me shut down right now.  It took me a couple of days to figure it out.

But purchases have been suspended.  I've got a ticket into them now.  If we can't resolve whatever issue they think they have... I will of course move the files quickly to another service.

Easy Peeze Lemon Squeezy

I just need your patience.

Here is a teaser for the next update.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time to break the silence.

The truth is some of you out there can't handle any information.  Most of you can.  Most of you are great customers.  But some of you are nothing short of villains.  Plotting and scheming in your imaginary world.

Because of the few I've had to be vague with the many.

YES... I can now clearly confirm Tatiana and I have partnered to create her a website.

But the word "website" is so misleading.  It will be MUCH more than a place to buy photos.

Tatiana doesn't just have designs on a webpage.  She isn't interested in being just an internet model.

There are plans in the works that will carry her FAR beyond a pretty girl with a web page.

Also it is important to NOTE... that the website is in "Beta" until late July.  A few sets will be a little "off".  And some will not have more than 30 photos.  When this is the case the price will reflect the quality/quantity of the images.

Anyone can buy the images.  But there will be a VIP section with video, candid photos and Tatiana's blog/correspondence with her fans.   The member/VIP section will not be expensive  Less than $15 a month.

There is already a website out there at www.tatyanageorgieva.com.  This is not the official Tatyana website.

It's a fan site.  We have NO direct affiliation with that website.  Though the guy running it is a true fan of Tatiana's and he is a talented artist.

Both Tatiana and myself are VERY excited.  We look forward to your CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms and ideas.  We want to "think big".

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ninulka! Her first photo set.

I am very excited about Ninulka.  I look forward to working with her again.  Such a great smile on this young lady.  I'm sure you will agree.

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