Thursday, February 14, 2013

Karisha... the Angel.

Blessed. That is how I feel.

 Today I had the fortune to work with one of my favorite models. A true Muse. She's tall, slender, experienced and beautiful.

 Karina Terebun and I had our second shoot today. After last year's missed opportunity we were able to connect this time. And I must say I like the year older, year wiser Karisha. She is just a delight. Her English, while typically broken, was clear and the accent... cripplingly cute. We were able to communicate mostly in English. Of course Dasha Slusarenko was always steady at the ready if we needed clarification.

 The only negative was time...

 Today is Valentine's Day. I imagine that there was a very impatient boyfriend somewhere. Our work was limited to only 2 very short hours. Next time I want two days!

 Unfortunately that amount of time limited us to only a few looks and only brief video. But this year's "take" is MUCH better than 2011. Stay tuned for more info.

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  1. You simply need to get over there more often, no excuses.