Thursday, February 21, 2013

The wait is over! Karisha Terebun is back!

There is something about this model.  Seriously.  Yes she is beautiful.  Yes she has the best legs of any model in the world probably.  But there is something else.

Help me find what it is!

Just a bit of behind the scenes info... Karisha's English is getting quite good.  And the improved communication shows.  She is getting very tall.  She's about 5'7" now.   And FIT.  It's obvious she works out.

The only negative???  We only had about 2 hours to shoot.  It was Valentines Day....

Hey... please don't share or pirate this.  I would love to work with her again in less than 6 months.  That means serious $$$$.  That's a long and expensive trip.  I really don't mind if you share A PHOTO or TWO.  But no more.  Please don't post the whole set.

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  1. Well that was a waste of 16$.

    Those pictures are simply horrible, Completely over processed with cheap Photoshop effects. What's worst, the shoot is completely boring.

    Cheap sepia effect, very noisy quality.
    Was this shot with a phone?!

    Why would you over process the pictures? And not even be constant in your choices, it shift between color corrections and/or effects, it's all over the place.

  2. The photos are what I like. You may not like it. Lucky for you there are MANY choices out there for your viewing pleasure.

    As for "boring". You are in the minority for that opinion. The feed back I'm getting is quite good. So if you mean why don't you see photos that show more "skin"... that's Karina's choice. Not mine. And I support her choice.

    I'm very sorry you feel you wasted your money. Perhaps my work isn't for you. I do very much appreciate your purchase. Check your email for a message from me.

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