Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time to break the silence.

The truth is some of you out there can't handle any information.  Most of you can.  Most of you are great customers.  But some of you are nothing short of villains.  Plotting and scheming in your imaginary world.

Because of the few I've had to be vague with the many.

YES... I can now clearly confirm Tatiana and I have partnered to create her a website.

But the word "website" is so misleading.  It will be MUCH more than a place to buy photos.

Tatiana doesn't just have designs on a webpage.  She isn't interested in being just an internet model.

There are plans in the works that will carry her FAR beyond a pretty girl with a web page.

Also it is important to NOTE... that the website is in "Beta" until late July.  A few sets will be a little "off".  And some will not have more than 30 photos.  When this is the case the price will reflect the quality/quantity of the images.

Anyone can buy the images.  But there will be a VIP section with video, candid photos and Tatiana's blog/correspondence with her fans.   The member/VIP section will not be expensive  Less than $15 a month.

There is already a website out there at  This is not the official Tatyana website.

It's a fan site.  We have NO direct affiliation with that website.  Though the guy running it is a true fan of Tatiana's and he is a talented artist.

Both Tatiana and myself are VERY excited.  We look forward to your CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms and ideas.  We want to "think big".

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  1. well done, i'm waiting for the next step