Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not a game.

This isn't a hobby.

It's my career.  My life.

I've collected 43 pages of messages and other information that show that I was manipulated and lied to.

These are in "their" own words.

I'm considering the best way to approach this.  Until then...


  1. What the webmaster of Karisha's site did was Libel, pure and simple and for that you should contact a lawyer that's for sure.

    They left the site completely opened and blame you for "hacking" their site.
    Anyone could accessed the /IMAGES/ folder, the same folder where all the preview images were before. So chances are, people had bookmarked that link before to see the new preview pics. They then uploaded all the galleries there, completely unprotected. It was very incompetent on their part and decided to make up this nefarious plot, instead of admitting that they fucked up.

    The worst part, is that you sent a ton of business their way, as I, like many others would not have know of the site if you hadn't mentioned it. Even after your business relationship with Karisha went sour, you were still giving her free publicity.

    I would highly recommend that you don't talk about this online anymore and simply contact a lawyer and put an end to this matter. It's always best to keep shut about these things, so not to have anything twisted and used against you.

    Good luck with this matter.

    1. I should mention that I know this, because that IS what happened, People on forums saw that the folder was opened and talked about it. People just went and got the sets from the site itself. Only later where the set uploaded, I image once the site was protected.