Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving On...

Command decision!  Quick Change!

With just a few exceptions my entire catalog will be available in fun and interactive fashion at:


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As well as your old favorites like:

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Valerie Guzik (Sherri Chanel)

And many new models!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

... my heart on my sleeve.

I've learned not to make things public.  It gets twisted and used against me.  Assumptions are made and lies are told.

I'm making an exception to gain some closure.

Things did not go well with Karisha and I.  It started with misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Then people's feelings got hurt.

I tried on several occasions to patch it up.  Those details will remain private.

This video is my artistic expression of the pain and disappointment I feel.  I feel powerless to do anything.
Karisha has moved on.  This is my way of moving on.

The music is by A Great Big World.  The song is "Say Something".

The majority of the footage was shot in August of 2013.  It was a great trip.  Everyone parted company with excitement and kisses.
The last video clip is from our first shoot together 3 years ago.  The footage was not good enough to use in anything else I've done because it is too dark.  But... it has proven perfect and predictive for this lament.  It shows an innocent 14 year old Karina Terebun fumbling with her wardrobe, then moving to closed off pose.  It's a perfect and heart wrenching ending.

Finally... I give you the whole song.  The darkness in between the footage and messages is timed to allow the song to speak.  They lyrics of this song are sage.  And... I end with the "ellipsis". The Greek translation for the Ellipsis is "falling short".  And can also signify an unfinished thought.  I fell short with Karisha.  I'm devastated we are no longer friends and business partners.  But I am equally hurt that I will not be creating anything with her.  I hope that this story is not finished.  I hope...

Say Something Karisha from Benjamin Cook on Vimeo.