Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Veta Video.

It's not very long so I dropped the price for this video to just $5.00.

It's still Violetta.. It's still sexy.


Click HERE


  1. Hey Ben, you should check the page the "click here" link sends us to, 2 of the clips have black thumbnails over a back page, so they can't really be seen. Also, when trying to make a purchase, it's not really working well.

    you can't look at a clip and say buy, like an image album. It has us select clips and then, for some reason, reselect a group of clips. This combined with no thumbnails, make it quite messy...

    Also, if possible, it would be great if you added info on the clips, like resolution and length. I believe that this could all be added as photo info on bluemelon and would be viewed in the [i] in the corner of the clip...

    Thanks :)

  2. The thumbnail isn't something I have control over with BlueMelon.

    But I will add the info you suggested in the info tab. Great suggestion!

  3. Also, I sent your message to support at BlueMelon. They are normally very quick to reply and I hope they have a solution to the check out issue. I also have noticed it is entirely too complicated! It might be user error on my part. If so I'll have it fixed in a jiff. If it is a rework on BlueMelon's part... it could take a bit.

  4. For the thumbnail part, then I might suggest that you shorten the amount of black at the beginning of the clips. As both black ones have 10 seconds of black at the start, while the other one has 5. There is no point in having any black at all, when you think about it, lol

  5. BlueMelon got back to me... there is a feature allowing me to use my own thumbnail. No info on why it's a bit odd to order.

    Thanks again for the input!