Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Updates continue....

Tatiana's updates will continue.

We start with this lovely video of Tanya.

Follow the link below for a 30 sec preview!


Click HERE


  1. Ben, you might want to double check when you post things. Often sets you present can't be bought on Bluemelon.

    The last set you showed more than a month ago from Katrina is still not available on Bluemelon. The same goes for other sets also, if I'm not mistaken. This is also the case for this new Video.

    If they do show up for you, you might want to log out of Bluemelon, in case that's it's an issue of normal user permission or something of the sort.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I've emailed support about the issue.

    If you know of other sets and videos that are not working please let me know. I don't know of any other than this current video.

    I've tried to load this video twice. Each time it loads properly. But never shows up. That's why I posted the update... I assumed after it loaded all was good.

    Thanks again. Your help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!