Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tatiana Photos and Video on the way back up! Veta too!

All right guys.  It wasn't a long pause.  But it was a pause none the less.

All the Tanya stuff is almost re-up and updates will resume shortly.   The same for Violetta.

I'm not thrilled about the prices at Clipmonster.  But I don't have an abundance of choices.

yes... the content is now MORE expensive.  But... I am actually make far less per download than before.


New Tanya Links  CLICK HERE!

As well The Violetta catalog is going back up.

New Veta Links CLICK HERE!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pain in the ass...

Shortly all the links to BlueMelon will stop working.

It is because they ignored my warnings for the past year and did not find an alternative to PayPal.  Because one of their other clients has questionable material PayPal shut them down.  Which caused them to change their AUP and TOS.

I have already found an alternative and will upload all the files to the new service over the next several days.  Please hang in there.  There are updates coming.  New photos and new announcements.  (Like the fact that I worked with Tanya aka Emily Bloom!  Wait till you see these photos!)

Thanks for your patronage and support.


Friday, July 11, 2014

TAOofBEN the Magazine! Yeuuuup!

The first issue is Violetta looking stunning and perfect as always.  And everyone's favorite model... Tatiana Georgieva!  We are kinda still in "beta"... so expect the mag to grow as the weeks progress!

Click Here to buy!  "Click"