Friday, July 11, 2014

TAOofBEN the Magazine! Yeuuuup!

The first issue is Violetta looking stunning and perfect as always.  And everyone's favorite model... Tatiana Georgieva!  We are kinda still in "beta"... so expect the mag to grow as the weeks progress!

Click Here to buy!  "Click"


  1. Uhm, how about not...

    You have a great set up with bluemelon and finally giving us the pics in a format with want. Please don't go back to this crap of PDF or ebook, wtf!

  2. I'll be making the official announcement today.

    BlueMelon is no more. It's going away. They got "White Knighted" and PayPal jerked everything and spooked their bank.

    The problem is obviously not my work. It was all the "Silver" stuff with girls way to young. So BlueMelon's fix was a shotgun blast in the dark that also got me!

    The Magazine is only $3.95 and will feature some exclusives and some previews. Kind of like a blog you pay for.

    However... downloads will continue. NO PDFs!!! Downloads will still be rar's and zips of full size images.

    The magazine is new. NOT a replacement.

  3. Oh, I didn't know about BlueMelon dying. God damn white knights...

    Will you be switching to
    They are new and are what Silver is switching to.
    They don't use paypal, so this should prevent issues.

    Sorry about my rant... I thought you where going back to the old format, sorry

  4. I'm considering many options. But I am a bit worried about follow Silver... seeing as it was the reason I lost my billing with BlueMelon. If they creativephotostockservices goes down... then I'm double fucked.

    But... it might be my only option. We will see. I know one of the guys working on it. And I think very well of him.

  5. Well I just tried buying it and I can't.
    I keep getting an error about unaccepted payment method?!

    And I'm an android user, so this usually works fine when buying apps or songs.

    Did you by any chance restrict the payment methods or perhaps make it US only ?

  6. I made it "world". So anyone should be able to buy it.

    But I got to tell you. Google has some work to do on this service. Set up is very convoluted and counter intuitive. I could have some thing wrong.

  7. Since I'm getting an "unsupported payment method", I have to wonder, could it be blocked by Paypal and Visa?

    If it's flagged as adult content, I could see Paypal being annoying with it, just strange that Visa also blocks :(

  8. Found the issue... kind of.

    I was able to buy it, using a US American Visa card and it worked,
    So it seems to be blocked to US only,