Friday, September 5, 2014

Announcement... Many Changes

I really wish I could get my shit together.  The site is up, it's down.  Go here for this, now here for this.

Maybe now I have it all worked out.

OK... where to start.

1.This weekend is the LAST weekend to buy any Tanya photo sets from me.  I'm removing these as part of a large deal.  I have no clue when the photos will return online.

This entire store... including videos will go away in a matter of days!  Buy now.

2. Some of my videos will appear on .  Starting now.

3. Some of my photos are already there.  And my new Veta work will now be launched on .

4. TAOofBEN lives on.  But to what end is totally up in the air.  Updates to GeorgeModels will start appearing on my websites and blogs.

5. If you have any contacts to former webmodels that might want to make really good money in a professional environment... contact me.  Let me know.  I've heard some horror stories about how some of these models have been treated.  It does not have to be that way.  Some of our models are making SERIOUS money.  It can be done correctly.

6. Nikki Firsova is now working at along with some great models.  I suggest you support her... and the other models.

7. Finally... I would keep an eye on there are many things happening there.  Things that I know will interest many of you!

Thank you again for all of your continued support.  It is very appreciated.  I know the models appreciate it as well.


  1. Ben I believe that Olya is still interested so if you want to contact her via VK let me know and I'll give you her full name so you can okay. My email is