Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Emily Bloom makes her premier with TAOofBEN Men's Magazine. Issue 2

That's right fans... Emily Bloom...
EDIT:  The content was too hot for Google.  You will have to wait a bit more to see Emily! 

There has NEVER been a cuter nude model than Emily.  And I have had the great fortune to work with her.

A few words about Emily... She speaks near perfect English and is VERY smart.  Very funny.  It was immediately obvious that she has tons of work under her belt.  She was a great model needing no direction.

Around Christmas time I will be selling some autographed Polaroids.  And as a bonus... they are not autographed as "Emily Bloom".  But rather her real name.

You can buy Issue 1 and 2 HERE! 

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  1. They are some nosey sob's. Glad I got the jump on it. Well worth it. Now for others it'll be well worth the wait.