Sunday, February 22, 2015

Karisha Terebun's FIRST VIDEO for

Yes... it is a re-release.  But it is the sexiest video she and I created.  Not everyone has seen it and she has new fans everyday!

There is also a very sexy set to buy!


  1. how'd that happen?
    your names not on their blog btw ;)

  2. Things with Karisha and I are very very complicated.

    Which blog are you referring to?

  3. The GM blog, instead of your name there's someone else. prob just a mistake from them.
    Why are things complicated with karisha?
    you can mail me if you like. your set with her in candlelight was a very nice one btw.

  4. I'll tell you publicly the same thing I would tell you privately.

    Her people took advantage of me. I want to believe that Karisha was innocent in all of it.

    And so... I still only think of Karisha the way I met her, 3 times. Funny! Smart! and Beautiful. I wish her nothing but the best.

    But our "relationship" is very strained. We don't communicate directly with each other at all.

  5. I just purchased the video from GM. In the preview pic, she appears to be braless, but in the actual video, she is not! not even for a moment. I am disappointed that it was misrepresented. I contacted GM about it with no response. I feel like I was ripped off. Since you posted the same preview pic, maybe you can explain it.

  6. I don't get to chose the preview photos. But I happen to agree that if you can find a photo from a set rather than a screen grab... that will look much better.

    In this case there is a set that corresponds with the video. In the set Karisha was comfortable wearing no bra. In the video she changed her mind.

    And if you are disappointed because she was wearing a bra.... well... Are we talking about the same video? Because that video is sexy as hell! Bra or no Bra!

    I'm sorry you were disappointed. I'll pass on your concerns to the powers that be at GM. And thank you for the feed back.

  7. Karisha is HOT! But I think most her fans would agree with me here. Seeing a video of her in that thin shirt without a bra would have been heaven, but it's not, and that's why I was disappointed. And the video was only 3 1/2 minutes long. I would like to know where I can buy the set you mentioned. I want to support Karisha, but only if I get what I pay for.

  8. Right now we are trying to get Karisha to allow us to sell the old sets on GeorgeModels. It's slow negotiating.

  9. Hi, Benjamin. I'm Mr.Trobaloba3, you can e-mail me on .