Monday, March 23, 2015

We're back! And MORE! and

Did you miss us?  We missed you! is back!  We were down for a few weeks updating out Payment Processor.  Yep... using Satan... aka... PayPal as our CC processor finally caught up with us.  Sorry about the delays... your favorite models are safe and sound!

As exciting as the return of GM... is the LAUNCH of the newly remodeled!
FM promises to be a bit more daring and push the limits of what is "non nude" entertainment.   There are some VERY hot new models and some old familiar faces!

Here is how Felicity works... You can buy photo sets and videos for download without being a member.  If you are a member you can access exclusive content.  Photos, out takes, specials, back stage, and have some contact with the models!  Contact is moderated... because some of you are creepy.  Sorry.

The monthly recurring membership is only $8.99.   Rebilling at $7.99 and after a few months of membership you get even more discounts.  Before the end of one year's billing... you will only be paying $5.99 a month for membership.

There isn't a better deal!  Here's another promise!  90% of all content will be available for purchase for less than $11.00 per set or video.   Most is actually $9.99.  Not $15 like some places...

Most sets will be previewed in the member's section.  So you can try... before you buy.

And the member's section is set up like a forum or discussion board.   So you can create and contribute your own opinions and ideas for the site.

BEST OF ALL...  (Growing Pains... Opening Night mistakes!... we are working on the coupon code.  I might have to find another solution. )

-----coupon----->  It Never Worked!

This coupon code will get you 75% off your first membership!  It's not an unlimited coupon.  Use it now before it expires or hits its limit!


  1. Hey Ben, I've just tried to purchase a membership but I see nowhere to inset the coupon code that you gave.

    When using CCbill there is no coupon section.

  2. We are trying to sort out what the issue is. CCBill is unbelievable complicated. But the have good customer service... we are working on it.

  3. I purchased a set but there is no way for me to download/access the would one go about accessing the set they purchased?

  4. Alex.. email me.

    bencook2 (at)