Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's finally here! George-Mag.com by Tanya George is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Russia's most downloaded model made it official today.  She is opening her new website on June 1.

I've been able to catch a few peeks at the new content... it's fucking HOT!  Tanya has also enlisted her friend that a few of you might recognize from the Vlad days... Sveta!

There are also 2 more girls joining the fun.

Here is what you need to know... Tanya is the boss.  She owns the website, the content and calls all the shots.

So if you buy sets and share them... yes... you are taking money from the models.  No more suggesting it doesn't hurt the model to pirate the photos and video.  This is 100% Tanya's baby...

Here's a few instructions to get you started quickly.  You have to register first... but it's not a membership site.  It's billed via CCbill so... sorry Russian friends.... you will have some problems buying.  Also a few other places like Ukraine.

Once you register you can buy all the sets you want.  As of now she has two new sets, the sets she gave away a few months ago... and all the old GeorgeModels sets.  I think the plan is a twice each week update.

It's been a long time in the making... but it's finally here! www.George-Mag.com


  1. Am I the only one who doesn't see an open website but the original teaser page?

  2. Billy, try a hard refresh of your browser or a new browser completely. The site is definitely up and running.

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  4. It appears the problem isn't on either of our ends. Just a heads up but apparently Time Warner is blocking the site on my end. I can only access it via proxy.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! How did you confirm it was being blocked?

  6. Well I'm not sure blocked is the right word. I noticed Google was displaying text in the search that was not on the version I am seeing which is apparently the original test version as it includes Eva Gantu in the list of models. I also found out about the updates that I wasn't seeing so I pulled up the site on my phone and it worked perfectly. I tried several fixes and finally realized I could only access the true version of the site by using a proxy. I've also come to realize I can access it by using the actual IP address. My guess is Time Warner's DNS has screwed up somewhere. Sadly none of this matters as I can no longer log in. Shame really as I just purchased the latest set yesterday.

  7. Yea it definitely seems to be TWC related I couldn't get into the site at all tried proxy went in, I had to order the set via proxy, remove proxy to pay the use proxy to go into my gm account to download, very annoying but Tanya's worth it lol

    1. Try connecting directly through the IP address for her site: That allows me normal access without using the proxy and the headaches that come with it.