Sunday, January 29, 2017

Julia Gray at

George Magazine just upped a new set of Julia Gray.  She is fast becoming the topic of conversation.
That's all I should say!  Wink Wink... Hint Hint! Here kitty kitty! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017 opens Affiliate Marketing Program!

Want to make some extra money?  I know two people that all they do is build affiliate websites and nothing else.  They both make about $65,000 a year.

Here is your start.  How this works is you build a blog, webpage or some kind of online presence.  You drive customers to this site: 

When they buy a membership you get HALF of the money and half of every rebill.  Now you are starting to see how this can be very profitable.

It's how places like METART make $20,000 a month.  YES... I said a MONTH.

So go sign up with  .   BTW... this is my friend Sasha.  This isn't me.

I'll be starting my own affiliate program so you can help the models and help yourself at the same time!

Here are some basic instructions on how to sign up.

Click the link on the site.  Enter your information with CCbill.  It's simple.  Normal stuff.

CCbill will send you and email.  Login to CCbill via the link they send you and with your affiliate ID and the info you provided.

Click on "Tools".  Then "Get Banners".  Here you will see all of the individual banners.  Feel free to use the code in your own way with the photos you get from .

This is our first attempt at an Affiliate Program.  So any feedback would be great.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

for the fans!!! Behind the Scenes photos!

Ohhhh the real fans will love these.  We have Olia, Natasha and more...

We have a "revealing" peak behind the curtain of all the fun we have "working" while in Ukraine.