Monday, September 19, 2011

The Flight Is Booked... Odessa here I come!!!

The flight is booked. I will be visiting Odessa next month on the 7th.

Keep checking back for updates. I already have one surprise model that was booked last minute. I will reveal the surprise model before I leave.

I will also blog the entire trip as well as post video.

Don't forget to contribute for exclusives no one else will get!

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Some New Work For You

Been working a bit.

I hope you like.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years After 9/11...

Lessons Yet To Be Learned.

1. Terrorists are not psychopaths or mentally ill. They are not cowards any more than we are. What they are is desperate. They are short sighted. They are misguided. If you set out to fight terrorism by fighting psychopathic cowards you will waste your time and money.

2. There is nothing the US can do to rid the world of terrorism but it can limit its exposure to their aims by being measured in its responses to provocation and in how it deals with tyrants and dictators that build the farms that grow terrorism and resentment of the West.

3. Terrorism must be measured and responses to terrorism must be measured in two ways. Principally by REAL potential threats on the horizon and what kind of real damage in life and property these threats could cause. Next it must be tempered by ACTUAL damage terrorism has achieved in terms of life and property. (Which is VERY VERY little compared to many domestic forms of loss of life and loss of property.)

4. Finally to limit liberty and freedom in an effort to “fight terrorism” is to give terrorist “a free one”. Because censorship, a loss of privacy and guilty-till-proven-innocent tactics do more to harm our country at its fabric and base than any type of attack on America that was historically accomplished or realistically will be accomplished in the future ever will.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Homeless! Damn You SmugMug.

As of tomorrow my page will be no more. SmugMug is kicking me out. They don't like my work apparently and definitely don't like the fact that I don't appreciate them holding onto my money for 30 days. I complained about the 30 days, then complained some more when I was given a "canned" response to my questions. And was summarily given the boot by the head-honcho for having the huevos to ask a few tough questions they didn't have a good answer for. Oh well. Plans have been in the works for months prior to this smugmug fiasco to have a more permanent web site. I expect to give you an announcement in about 45-60 days regarding where I will be. This new home will be my final destination. Who knew selling art would be so worrisome?