Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doing Business With Ben...

(If I sent you this link it doesn't mean I am accusing you of anything.  Take this in the spirit it was intended.  To improve our current or future business relationship.)

People who know me call me "laid back".  I am VERY easy going.  I rarely get upset. I'm a happy guy.

In business however I am a bit different.  I have expectations.  Reasonable expectations.

Somewhere it has become "ok" to take days or even weeks to return messages.  It's become OK to make promises and under deliver.  Or not deliver at all.

I understand that many of the people I work with are young.  Carefree.  I applaud that.  But in business... you must be anything but "carefree".  It is "care" that you must take.  And take it seriously.

If you want to work with Benjamin Parrish Cook here are a few rules you must follow.  If you can't follow them.  Please... in all earnestness... speak up before a business relationship is formed.

1.  Messages must be returned in 48 or less.  If you don't have access to your messages to meet this basic obligation inform me ahead of time exceptions can be made. Oh... and we are all busy.
2.  If you commit to a project or deadline... see it though.
3.  I view photography as an art.  An art that I am very lucky I can make some money from.  That... makes it a business.  I require people who I work with to treat their interaction with me as a business as well.  You can go back to treating it like a hobby or something "fun to do" after we have concluded our business.
4.  If you decide after we have initiated a business relationship that working with me is no longer in your interests, please inform me.  Stopping all contact isn't telling me.  It's leaving me wondering if you are dead, kidnapped, angry, crazy or just plain old unprofessional.
5.  As time for us to work together approaches... I will likely contact you many many times.  It's not that I can't stand to go a day without messaging you.  It's that I am feeling-out one last time your intent to provide the services you agreed to.  Make-up.  Hair.  Modeling.  Web Hosting... whatever... I need you to indulge me these last minute panic attacks.

I swear I'm a nice guy.  I am funny.  I'm kind.  I look forward to working with you.  But I require professional behavior.  Being 18 and "model-hot" might excuse some behavior... but it never excuses unprofessional.

I'm not perfect.  I will get you your photos late.  I will forget to bring the release.  I have things come up in my life as well.  I'm not asking you to be perfect if you work with me.  I'm asking you to only be mindful of my list of 5 things.  Don't establish a pattern of late emails or always having a delay in what you say you can provide... and when you provide it.

I'm ONLY asking you to treat your interaction with me as a business.

I look forward to working with you or continuing the relationship we already have.

Kind Regards,


Thursday, February 21, 2013

The wait is over! Karisha Terebun is back!

There is something about this model.  Seriously.  Yes she is beautiful.  Yes she has the best legs of any model in the world probably.  But there is something else.

Help me find what it is!

Just a bit of behind the scenes info... Karisha's English is getting quite good.  And the improved communication shows.  She is getting very tall.  She's about 5'7" now.   And FIT.  It's obvious she works out.

The only negative???  We only had about 2 hours to shoot.  It was Valentines Day....

Hey... please don't share or pirate this.  I would love to work with her again in less than 6 months.  That means serious $$$$.  That's a long and expensive trip.  I really don't mind if you share A PHOTO or TWO.  But no more.  Please don't post the whole set.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Great Day!

Today I worked with Mira and Ninulka.  Both great talents.

Mira is a bit new to modeling... and the younger Ninulka Firsova is actually on her way to being a seasoned pro.  It was great to meet Ninulka's mom as well.

A little translation help from Dasha Slusarenko and we were well on our way!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Karisha... the Angel.

Blessed. That is how I feel.

 Today I had the fortune to work with one of my favorite models. A true Muse. She's tall, slender, experienced and beautiful.

 Karina Terebun and I had our second shoot today. After last year's missed opportunity we were able to connect this time. And I must say I like the year older, year wiser Karisha. She is just a delight. Her English, while typically broken, was clear and the accent... cripplingly cute. We were able to communicate mostly in English. Of course Dasha Slusarenko was always steady at the ready if we needed clarification.

 The only negative was time...

 Today is Valentine's Day. I imagine that there was a very impatient boyfriend somewhere. Our work was limited to only 2 very short hours. Next time I want two days!

 Unfortunately that amount of time limited us to only a few looks and only brief video. But this year's "take" is MUCH better than 2011. Stay tuned for more info.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back in Odessa!

There is no plane landing like an Odessa plane landing. Let's just say not the best repaired runway in the world. But like most stuff in Odessa... It's good enough. So I'm here. Laid over a few hours in Istanbul. Next time around I need to plan a few days in Turkey. There airport is especially bright.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm on my way yet again. And typical to any trip to Odessa I am starting off with a delay. This time literally in my own back yard. I'm stuck in NC because of delays in NYC. Stay tuned to the blog for updates and photos. Maybe even a video or two. It looks like this will be the last flight out of CLT. Then I get to sleep at the Airport because my connection will actually leave NYC before I even take off from CLT.