Monday, November 16, 2015

Regarding Payments.

At this point and time there are literally scores of payment transfer companies.

 Here is a list of ones you can use to send me money for Cali Skye sets or anything else you buy. (International) (International)
Google Wallet
Square Cash

 You can also mail me money. Mailing me money has a 10% surcharge for handing.
 You can Western Union me or MoneyGram. This also has a 10% surcharge. (basically if my lazy fat ass has to go to a bank or store for the money... you pay extra)

 Or you can use any other legit way to get me the money.


Monday, October 26, 2015

5 Sets FREE Tanya George Photos! Sign up NOW!

Promotion CLOSED.  Thank you for your support of Tanya.

So, it would be an understatement to say Tanya has teased the shit out of her new site.  She is fully aware that it is taking forever.  Not long ago I made mention that Tanya LOVES her fans.  Dearly.

And here is proof.  My friends Tanya is giving away 5 sets of photos photos to her fans.  All you have to do is sign up with a valid email address and agree to get updates from time to time.  That's it.  Free photos and an email saying when Tanya will open her new website.

Don't take my word for it!  You can hear from Tanya herself!

Tanya George Returns! from Benjamin Cook on Vimeo.

OK.. Sign up below.  When you click return to website it will send you to the download link on DropBox.


Promotion Closed.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

PayPal is no longer an option.

Thanks PayPal!   PayPal has limited my account.  Why?  Because they are a  basically a Monopoly that makes their own rules as they go.  They also have a snide and flippant corporate culture based on mistreatment of their customers.

Oh well... see below for instructions on Square Cash.  I try to find another option as well later tonight.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New way to buy Cali Skye....Tatiana Georgieva Video NEW NEW NEW!

You can pay me using Square Cash.  Sign up HERE and you will get $5!   And I will get $5!

I was trying to make this exclusive to old customers... but many really old customers have come back to me... some from way back who bought original Marie Guzik stuff.

So here is what we are doing.  If you are an old or new customer contact me.   If you have not purchased anything from me recently you can purchase something NOW.  Might I suggest you buy my newest video!!!

Tatiana Georgieva, Olia, and Daria from Benjamin Cook on Vimeo.

It's 5 mins long!  And best of all it contains 3 models!   The Tanya footage is the very last thing I have to release of Tanya.  It was always to short to be a stand alone video...   So I combined it with two of my favorite models.   You get Tanya Georgieva, Olia and my new favorite girl in the Ukraine... Daria.    You can find more Daria at or I have tons of sets of her also for sale.  As well as Olia sets.  And... you can find Olia at .

When last I spoke with Tanya she was figuring out money transfers and final site modifications.  It's still going to be a bit longer.  But I promise you she is working on it.  She just wants to own and operate every last bit of the website.  Good for her.  That new website will be at

My email is in the post below if you have questions or want to make an order.

You can pay me using Square Cash.  Sign up HERE and you will get $5!   And I will get $5!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cali Skye is Back! Unedited sets on sale to limited customers.

I have the great honor of being the first photographer to work with Cali Skye since she returned to modeling.

Cali's 18... and it shows!

The edited sets will be sold later at a not yet disclosed website.

You can pay me using Square Cash.  Sign up HERE and you will get $5!   And I will get $5!

The unedited sets are available to all the customers who bought something from me in the past 2 months.  Yes... this is non nude work.  And YES... it's the Cali Skye version of "non nude"....  that barely can be called NN. 

There are two sets over 100 photos.   Each set is $20.

The rest of her fans who have not be a recent customer will have to wait.

Contact me at bencook 2   (at) gmail   .com  

You can pay me using Square Cash.  Sign up HERE and you will get $5!   And I will get $5!

Friday, September 25, 2015

My best friend, co worker and the person I owe more than anyone in this world.... Dasha!

One day I'll go on and on about Dasha.... and what she means to me.   And what she means to you... though you don't know it.  (Basically... if it's a model from Russia or Ukraine that I produced photos with.... you need to thank Dasha.)

But... here is a link to some super sexy photos of her at Suicide Girls.  Give her your support!

Click THIS Link! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Old Sets for sale.... delay

Hey.... there is a delay in getting many of you what you want.

I'm happy to say that the only reason there is a delay now... is the shear number of you that want photos!   Thank you.  I'm literally overwhelmed by your response.

I'm going to go in order of who asked first.

And as many of you who contacted me early know... I just arrived back east from California.

So starting tonight people will get samples of what it is they want to buy.  I hope to have everyone satisfied by Friday.



Thursday, August 6, 2015

Old Sets and Photos for sale! Phoebe, Tatiana Georgieva, Karisha Terebun, Sherri Chanel, Brittany Marie. Naomi Marie and many more.

You've always wanted to finish out your collection now you can. There is a $100 minimum purchase. This offer is only available to folks in the US, Canada, and most EU countries. Serious buyers only. Anyone who has to "think about it"... think now. Not after we have communicated. This includes videos that are hard to find. Sets that were briefly published. Contact me at bencook2 (at ) g m a i l . c o m

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Veta at Felicity Muse... and other updates!

Back in the States!  That means regular updates to Felicity will now resume.

Check out Katya also!  Damn she's cute!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tanya and Ben Present "fun with stalkers"

For the past few days Tanya Georgieva and I have been having fun with a stalker.

Before I go into the story let me say a few words about stalkers.

Even I have them.  It comes with even the smallest amount of notoriety.  But that doesn't excuse the behavior.

Inappropriate behavior of "fans" is the biggest problem most models deal with.  Not jealous boyfriends or disapproving family.  Stalkers.   People who do not understand where the line is and that it is NOT ok to cross it.

You also have the truly sick fucks like this stalker here who try to manipulate, trick and coerce their way into your life.  Jail is too good for these idiots.


A person claiming to be Tanya emailed me on April 26.

They took an email address similar to Tanya's.  I noticed it immediately and checked it with Tanya personally.  She said it was not her.  I already new this.

Tanya and I decided to have some fun with this person... so we played along.

The original email was talking about Tanya's upcoming website containing topless photos.  (To my knowledge Tanya has NO plans to go "nude" or "topless" on the new site.)  So, with Tanya's permission I engaged the stalker offering to sell "Fake Tanya" 2 sets of never produced topless photos "created" by Tanya and I in Odessa a few years ago. (Again.. these sets do not exist. )

Oh my did this interest "Fake Tanya"!!!  But of course Fake Tanya needed to see a few samples!  Because Fake Tanya doesn't remember what she looks like naked!!!!!

I told Fake Tanya that I would not send samples to her "again" and that I had previously sent samples both on VK and Dropbox.  And if she wanted the samples Fake Tanya would have to undelete the photos from Dropbox.

The price for these non existent photos was $1000 for both sets.

Of course Fake Tanya comes up with all kinds of reasons that she needs to see just a single sample before sending any money!

REAL Tanya and I are having a huge laugh at Fake Tanya's expense.  Then something unexpected happens...

Fake Tanya turns into Fake Ben!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya gets a fake email from the stalker claiming to be ME!!!!

So we continue the game on both ends.  Tanya's end and my end!

At this point it's obvious we can't get a $1000 stupid-tax from this idiot.. so we are coming clean publicly!

We both have a pretty good idea who this person is.  But because there is no way to prove it we are not offering any clues.

Most models don't have a career as long as Tanya.  And most models quit as soon as the stalkers try to influence friends and family.

Because Tanya loves what she does, and because Tanya is one of the smartest and most talented people I've ever met, she endures.   She endures long after most models would have quit.

A message to this stalker and all of you that go too far!

Stop.  You are not a white knight.  The girls do not appreciate you injecting yourself into their lives. They don't want you nor need you in their PERSONAL lives.  A membership or photo set, no matter how many you buy (or steal), does not give you any permission or privilege to be part of their daily lives.

We are laughing at this... but there is also a serious side.  If you like a model... stay away from her personal life.  Many of the models are very open with their lives.  Like Tanya.

That does not give you permission or privilege to stalk her.  This goes for every model!  Back off.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Oops! Too much security!

As you know Felicity - Muse isn't running up to speed.  We are still suffering from integration problems.

So I am trying to login today... and duh....

Well, I'm back in Ukraine.   And Felicity is blocked for Ukraine IPs.  So I can't even login to my own website!   I'll probably buy VPN access to get around it.

In fact I know I will.... because I need to make an update to Felicity's members section.

Also... stay tuned for a very funny story from Ben and Tanya Georgieva.   It involves an idiot stalker!   Too funny!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dripping wet with sexy! Karisha raises the bar with this shower set!

Tall, hot, great body... and soaking wet.   GOOD GOD!

Felicity Muse

If you are having problems with any billing or subscription issues I want to hear from you.

Please contact me   bencook2  ( a t ) gmail . c o m