Monday, May 25, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Veta at Felicity Muse... and other updates!

Back in the States!  That means regular updates to Felicity will now resume.

Check out Katya also!  Damn she's cute!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tanya and Ben Present "fun with stalkers"

For the past few days Tanya Georgieva and I have been having fun with a stalker.

Before I go into the story let me say a few words about stalkers.

Even I have them.  It comes with even the smallest amount of notoriety.  But that doesn't excuse the behavior.

Inappropriate behavior of "fans" is the biggest problem most models deal with.  Not jealous boyfriends or disapproving family.  Stalkers.   People who do not understand where the line is and that it is NOT ok to cross it.

You also have the truly sick fucks like this stalker here who try to manipulate, trick and coerce their way into your life.  Jail is too good for these idiots.


A person claiming to be Tanya emailed me on April 26.

They took an email address similar to Tanya's.  I noticed it immediately and checked it with Tanya personally.  She said it was not her.  I already new this.

Tanya and I decided to have some fun with this person... so we played along.

The original email was talking about Tanya's upcoming website containing topless photos.  (To my knowledge Tanya has NO plans to go "nude" or "topless" on the new site.)  So, with Tanya's permission I engaged the stalker offering to sell "Fake Tanya" 2 sets of never produced topless photos "created" by Tanya and I in Odessa a few years ago. (Again.. these sets do not exist. )

Oh my did this interest "Fake Tanya"!!!  But of course Fake Tanya needed to see a few samples!  Because Fake Tanya doesn't remember what she looks like naked!!!!!

I told Fake Tanya that I would not send samples to her "again" and that I had previously sent samples both on VK and Dropbox.  And if she wanted the samples Fake Tanya would have to undelete the photos from Dropbox.

The price for these non existent photos was $1000 for both sets.

Of course Fake Tanya comes up with all kinds of reasons that she needs to see just a single sample before sending any money!

REAL Tanya and I are having a huge laugh at Fake Tanya's expense.  Then something unexpected happens...

Fake Tanya turns into Fake Ben!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya gets a fake email from the stalker claiming to be ME!!!!

So we continue the game on both ends.  Tanya's end and my end!

At this point it's obvious we can't get a $1000 stupid-tax from this idiot.. so we are coming clean publicly!

We both have a pretty good idea who this person is.  But because there is no way to prove it we are not offering any clues.

Most models don't have a career as long as Tanya.  And most models quit as soon as the stalkers try to influence friends and family.

Because Tanya loves what she does, and because Tanya is one of the smartest and most talented people I've ever met, she endures.   She endures long after most models would have quit.

A message to this stalker and all of you that go too far!

Stop.  You are not a white knight.  The girls do not appreciate you injecting yourself into their lives. They don't want you nor need you in their PERSONAL lives.  A membership or photo set, no matter how many you buy (or steal), does not give you any permission or privilege to be part of their daily lives.

We are laughing at this... but there is also a serious side.  If you like a model... stay away from her personal life.  Many of the models are very open with their lives.  Like Tanya.

That does not give you permission or privilege to stalk her.  This goes for every model!  Back off.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Oops! Too much security!

As you know Felicity - Muse isn't running up to speed.  We are still suffering from integration problems.

So I am trying to login today... and duh....

Well, I'm back in Ukraine.   And Felicity is blocked for Ukraine IPs.  So I can't even login to my own website!   I'll probably buy VPN access to get around it.

In fact I know I will.... because I need to make an update to Felicity's members section.

Also... stay tuned for a very funny story from Ben and Tanya Georgieva.   It involves an idiot stalker!   Too funny!