Saturday, July 23, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

New UPDATE. Karisha Terebun and Natasha M are the updates today!

Everyone's favorite Karina Terebun and our new favorite Natasha M are now available online.

You have to join to find the links!

The next update will be a "nude" update following the same line as the previously.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sherri Chanel and Brittany Marie are posted on

This is a rehash of photos that long time fans likely have.  There might be a few Sherri that were culled prior.  But not many.

Still the collection is growing and if you need to fill some missing slots in your collection... now's the time. has a lot to offer.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Here it is... old favorites, new sets, new videos, remastered old videos, old sets... and NUDES is the sales companion site to .   TaoZips features all of your favorite models like Emily Bloom, Veta Antonova, Karisha Terebun and of course Tanya George.

This site will also feature a bit more risque content!  Yea!

Some of the younger models will not be on the site for obvious reasons.  If you want to purchase sets of say... Nina Bondarenko... you will need to contact me directly.  Both websites facilitate contacting me.

I'm reworking old videos that were made before I knew what the fuck I was doing with Adobe Premiere and I'm putting together new videos.  In the reworked videos I'm trying include some new footage.

There will be old sets, new sets NEW video and nude sets.  I will continue releasing my collection of anonymous nudes.  These are all of the models you love that agreed to do nude work, but anonymously.  No, I won't tell you which model is which.  True fans might figure it out however.  But I won't confirm or deny anything.

Most importantly I've listened to your requests as fans... this site is membership based!  Not a per download site.  $24.95 gets you everything on the site and weekly updates.  You can't ask for better than that.  The content will rotate every 90-ish days.  That's right.  Joining once will not get you everything.  I'm not an idiot.   You will need to retain your membership at least a few months out of the year to get most of the catalog.

I'm headed to Europe soon for new content.  I'm sure you will like what I've got planned and WHO I have it planned with.

Go join now!